What I love the most about this class is that I feel happy when I take it and I truly enjoy to see the smiles on everyone's faces. It is a fun workout. Chris is great and the people that attend the class are super friendly. There is no other group fitness class that burns as many calories as this one and makes you feel like you just went to a party!

Noemi Allbritton

I recently turned 60, and realize how important aerobic exercise is to maintain health. Zumba is a type of cardio I truly enjoy! I have taken this class from several instructors, but can follow Chris the best because of her skill at "cueing." So just "shake it" at your own pace, and "enjoy the party."

Kathy Vesha

Chris is a fantastic Zumba instructor! She is always energetic and friendly. We laugh a lot during class. She does a great job of mixing up song styles and moves to keep the choreography interesting, but easy to follow. She gives great notes on modifications if you need to take the intensity down or up. Her enthusiasm is infectious! The hour flies by and you're having so much fun you almost don't realize how hard you are working your body. I can't recommend her classes highly enough!

Anne Wright

Zumba has totally changed who I am today!!! In about 9 months I lost 40 lbs dancing! I also met some of the coolest people, which are now my close friends. When I am dancing, I am always having a good time while I am working out! ZUMBA ROCKS.

Dalli Aljabi

Chris is great! Any time you can burn tons of calories while having fun is a miracle for me, but this is exactly what Chris does in her classes. She has fun, varied routines to music that makes you want to move, and she cues very clearly, so that you can easily follow the steps. Even if you're brand new to her class, you will have a lot of fun, and for regulars she keeps it challenging so that you don't get bored. Keep up the great moves, Chris!

Kathy Ludlam

Zumba is the only workout I have been able to stick with and I really think it's because it's so fun, I don't really see it as exercise. The classes feel like a big party. Being able to stick with a workout has given me so much self confidence and a huge sense of accomplishment, not to mention I feel so much healthier. I love to go after work to dance (and sweat) off the stress of my day and meet new friends. Since starting Zumba 7 months ago I have lost about 25 pounds and hope to keep losing. The music is awesome! I drive around with it on in my car; so if you pull up next to some crazy lady dancing in her car at a red light - it's probably me! Zumba really is something that will be in my life for a long time.

Emily Bock

Chris' class is fun, fresh and totally engaging! Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious. Since starting Zumba I have lost weight, made wonderful new friends, and completely changed my outlook on exercise. Zumba is a cardio workout that I can see myself doing for the rest of my life. I actually look forward to going to the gym. After my first class with Chris I was hooked; I ditched my traditional workout and never looked back!

Mairin Walters

Since discovering Zumba and meeting Christine Pinkerton in April 2010, I have lost and kept off over 55 pounds, shrunk 23 total inches and now have a healthy blood pressure. I am more fit and active at 41 than I was at 21! Thank you Chris, you have encouraged and inspired me to live an active, balanced lifestyle as an example to my child.

Jenn Voigt

Zumba has been a life-changing event for me to say the least. Although when I started Zumba I had never done a group fitness class before and lacked coordination, I enjoyed the rhythm and music. Zumba is so much fun and anyone can do it since you go at your own pace and modify as needed. Most of all, it has given me the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle and meet new friends. With Zumba, I was able to lose over 50lbs. I haven’t felt this good in a decade! Chris is an amazing instructor and a dear friend as well. The classes at Inspire Fitness of Columbus are so energizing, you can’t help but have a smile on your face!

Shelly Sheets